Poem 20160303

the sky cleared up
enough to take a walk
without putting on a heavy coat
the little bit of cold sun
banished the rain
for a moment

in that clear patch
of overhead blue
the sky a captured lapis lazuli
we watched the birds
trying to find their way
sure of an imminent resumption
of the storm

i took your hand
and we walked on
like rebels


the secret keeper
Weekly Word Prompt #26
(5) Words: | CLEAR | WAY | BAN | PATCH | REBEL |

5 thoughts on “Poem 20160303”

  1. …and feeling oh so empowered, no doubt. I really like this. I like the flow. I like the rhythm. I like the pictures.

  2. A poem leading the reader through a sense experience. Promising. Some fresh air. A hint that Spring may soon be in the air for real. A moment or lifting up the spirits.

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