Poem 20160220

when i was a kid i could buy
at the magic shop
or sometimes the drug store
magic smoke
dab between my thumb and forefinger
press together and spread apart
long strands would magically form
shiny waving gossamer
a gauzy arc between fingertips
a good trick
if you had dexterity enough
you made smoke appear from your hands

i found later
when i got into building models
that airplane glue
which smelled so good
and left me light-headed
did the same thing

the human soul stretches out
between us too
incredibly thin and almost
invisible but not quite
strongest when we are pressed together
thinner but still strong
still connecting
when we are apart

4 thoughts on “Poem 20160220”

      1. Of course, the modeling glue did bring back memories of my early teen years of “huffing” which ironically (?) was a way to numb oneself to those very bonds.

      2. I built models in my room and it wasn’t exactly well-ventilated. That and the Testers paint gave me some decent headaches.

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