Poem 20160201

the ringing in my ears
isn’t like any bell
i’ve ever heard

more a constant electrical hum
like when you sit next
to a breaker box all day

because that’s where they put you

the pressure in the air
crushes my chest
and the humidity
is fucking with my vision

4 thoughts on “Poem 20160201”

  1. Sounds like my old job.
    Only the ringing in my ears was from me grinding my teeth all day, listening to the annoying low buzz of my coworkers incessant chatter.
    Your poem accurately expresses my feelings when I finally reached the sanctity of my home after an extremely tedious day and an action packed ride home filled with aggressive drivers and road raging maniacs.
    My hubby thought I was going bananas because I would wander around for a full 30 minutes every night muttering to myself and decompressing from the day.
    Best wishes for a better tomorrow. πŸ˜€

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