Poem 20160119

uncountable wheeling mass
of black birds
so much more
than a murder
more a massacre, really
a huge dark wheel
spinning over the axis
of a bare tree
fortuna, imperatrix mundi
she rises
she falls
her spokes
these black messengers
against a grey sky

1 thought on “Poem 20160119”

  1. Wonderfully visual Poem! It is Lovely and so very true!!
    There was a humongous murder of crows that would terrorize the inhabitants of the forest behind our house. Their cacophonous and raucous caws would echo through the woods as they chased hawks and eagles out of their roosts and pestered the local birds and animals attempting to mind their own business
    My Randomkids would call them the bullies of the forest. One day when my Randomkid oldest saw them evicting a rough-legged hawk from its perch he voiced the same thought as in your poem…They Should be called a Massacre not a murder.

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