Post 20151122

So weird.

I was just doing some random searching through my site and happened to look at the archive.

I have had this blog for ten years, but did nothing significant with it until last year.

In fact, the first poem I wrote for this blog is dated 20141122, one year ago today.

That’s an odd sense of nostalgia for me. Here’s how things break down, post wise.

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Almost four hundred poem, and I haven’t posted yet today. I’m pretty sure most of them aren’t very good. But every now and then, one sneaks in.

Thanks to everyone who comes by to read these, and thanks to everyone who inspires me to be a better writer, poet, and human being.

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  1. Actually, some of your poems are extremely good. It constantly amazes me what I find on WordPress compared to the poetry section in the bookstore. Love your work.

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