Poem 20150613

most of the trail gave very little
in the way of wildlife

a single rabbit scurrying from
the cover of brush on one side
of the dirt track to the scrub
on the other side

why did the rabbit cross the road

no lizards, though the day was
overcast so maybe that’s way
and no roadrunners this time
darting through the low, dry plants

but then! the lake
low though it was
there was water enough for a
handful of sandpipers digging
in the mud

and the king of the small domain
the blue heron
too far to get a good picture
but so close in the lenses of
the binoculars

dipping into the shallow water
and rising up
a flash of silver in his beak
quickly swallowed
and then back to staring intently
in the muddy water
the reflection of hills
under his feet