Poem 20150416

Man. Really?

#NaPoWriMo is trying to kill me.

And now for our (as always, optional) prompt! Today, I challenge you to write in the form known as the terzanelle. A hybrid of the villanelle and terza rima, terzanelles consist of five three-line stanzas and a concluding quatrain. Lines and rhymes are chained throughout the poem, so that the middle line of each triplet is repeated as the last line of the following triplet (or, for the last triplet, in the concluding quatrain). The pattern goes like this:
fAFA or fFAA.

You can use any meter or line length, though you may want to try to have all of your lines in the same meter.


there are sounds that the heart makes
not when it pounds and beats in the chest
not when someone reaches in and takes

the last feeling you have as a test
or some kind medieval fealty oath
not when you hide your secrets in a chest

of drawers; there are sounds, both
warm and calm, that only another heart
can hear; a sound that whispers as an oath

is whispered, a sound that is only the start
of other more concrete things; a simple touch,
a hand trickling down like water over a heart

beating soft and slow, secure with such
a gentle fire that there is no need
for any other kind of passion; one touch

one touch is all you need
and you will hear the sounds a heart makes
when it is finally freed
from doubt and a thousand aches