Lyrics 20150330

Is this a dream that’s spinning,
Twisting, running through my head?
A dream of you where I can’t make out
Anything you’ve said?

I follow you from room to room
Through silent moonlit halls,
Out one final courtyard door
Where rain just falls and falls.

I look across the garden
And see you standing in the weeds
Water rushes down between our legs
As if we both were reeds

Bent beneath the shower’s weight,
Buoyed by the stream.
Your mouth is moving silently
In this dream within a dream.

I reach out to take you
And hold you to my chest
And press you up against my skin
Until there’s nothing of you left.

I feel you pounding in my ribs
And throbbing in my blood.
I hear you singing in my ears at last
As I surrender to the flood.