Poem 20150205

he pays for a single fare
and boards the train
his bag heavy on his back
and his bones heavy in his skin

across the track
another train
going the opposite direction
he sees her

from behind at first
as she waves goodbye to
someone on the platform
her arms raised
so that her shirt rides up
just enough
to reveal the smooth
white skin at the small of her back

he thinks about how
he moved automatically
to the windows not facing the platform
watching her wave
watching the skin disappear
and reappear

her car is empty enough, that,
when she turns,
she sees him staring at her

she rushes to the window near the track
toward him
and he thinks
she’s going to pull the shade
or yell
or shake her fist
(do people do that?)
but she smiles
and waves just as hard
as she did at the platform
and her shirt rises enough
to show her belly button
but he is transfixed by her smile
as the trains begin to move apart
and manages a small wave
and wonders where her train is going